Turf Field Project


MAY/JUNE, 2023

July, 2023

August, 2023




In 2023 Gretna Elite Academy is installing two 11 v 11 turf fields to the north of the Gretna Sports Complex. These turf fields will be fully lit allowing year round usage by ALL GEA players.

Why build turf fields?


Create a better learning environment for players, & coaches

More players of all ages would have the ability to train on a consistent & quality surface

More kids outdoor & less indoor rental for the club

Easier up keep making field usage more fluent & consistent for families. Only time training would be canceled would be extreme weather. 

Lights will help with trainings not becoming rushed in late Fall time & allow for adequate space for everyone. With daylight saving field space has to be restricted to accommodate everyone in a small daylight window.

What will the fields be used for?


Hosting ECNL & ECNL RL games bringing clubs from around the region

Hosting College ID Camps & Showcases brining additional exposure for our players

Local league games can be hosted too (brings in additional revenue to the club)

Helping with hosting Centris Cup

Summer Camps & Elite Feet additional training programming

Community events

We are on track to have the turf fields in use by mid to late August, 2023

Gretna Elite Academy is a 501 (c) (3) non profit entity and donations to our turf project are welcome. Please contact our Director of Coaching, Mitch Kavanagh (mitch,kavanagh@gretnaeliteacademy.com) if interested in being a sponsor or making a donation.