About Our Club

OUR Mission

“Gretna Elite Academy exists to empower members, strengthen families and enrich our community by providing an unparalleled experience for all levels, needs and ability. We foster a love of the game to promote growth and development of every player on and off the field. We create this optimal club soccer environment for everyone through a holistic, realistic and  experiential approach”

OUR Vision

  • To be a player centered club offering the best developmental platform and growth environment in the state of Nebraska

  • To provide the best learning experience through a detailed curriculum and highly dedicated, licensed coaches

  • To operate with the highest and most professional standards

Club Philosophy

  • Develop The Player: The Club will be driven with a player first mentality, to learn and understand the key components of the game. We will provide opportunities for all players to grow on the field.
  • Develop The Person: The big picture is very important to us as a club; we want our players to succeed both on and off the field. We have a strong set of core values, along with hard work, humility, responsibility, and a growth mindset.
  • Develop The Club: We will continually strive to collaborate as coaches, players, and parents to create a club that we can be proud to be part of. Both on and off the field, we aim to represent the club with the highest standards possible.
  • Develop The Future: We are creating a better future for all our members, both on and off the field, for our players to be successful in future stages of life.

Club Mindset

We are a GROWTH mindset organization encompassing all that this entails:

  • No fear of failure 

  • Seek feedback

  • Seek growth opportunities

  • All in Mentality

  • Desire to learn

GEA Core Pillars