The HER Platform

(a female-specific health, wellness, and rejuvenation platform)

By launching a female-specific health, wellness and rejuvenation platform, HER Platform (or HER Experience), the ECNL is showing its continued commitment to creating the best environment for developing the next generation of American elite female soccer players. HERS is a high-impact delivery mechanism tool designed to extend the reach of critical sport-science based research, education, and resource dispersal.  It includes live activation at all ECNL National Events, an online component, supported by a social media push and online portal. The goals are:

  • Develop the most superior, comprehensive, and accessible health, wellness, and rejuvenation experience and resource for the nation’s elite female youth soccer players; and
  • Inspire female athletes to perform at their best everyday.

The HER Platform includes:

  • HER Health, Wellness, Rejuvenation Advisory Council: The ECNL had a vision and the HER Advisory Council will help bring clarity and guidance on HER platform growth, direction, and development. The ECNL is identifying and engaging the top experts within the Sports-Science vertical, in hopes of bringing together the field’s best as the founding HERS Advisory Council. The Advisory Council will have an impactful role in matters pertaining to the strategic development, direction, and implementation of HER Platform.

  • HER Event Activation through ECNL Player Rejuvenation Centers: Player Rejuvenation Centers will be onsite at all ECNL National Event Competitions, offering a huge benefit to the players. Player Rejuvenation Centers are a unique concept; no other league in any sport offers this platform. Envision an area, onsite at an ECNL National Event Competition, where ECNL teams progress through immediate nutrition / hydration replacement, stretching session, cold pool and out, etc. The idea is to create an irresistible atmosphere, where such a unique experience is had that participants go home and further interact with the online component.

  • HER Online Resource Center (Education & Best Practices Center: In a world where information is abundant, it is often difficult to delineate good information from bad. The general concept is to provide an interactive, engaging experience offering baseline information, that educates elite female athletes on what it takes to be the best and inspiring them to become the best.

  • Data Gathering and Research